New PhD student at Utrecht University joining REPAIR

I am happy to introduce Kian Karimi, the new PhD student working at Utrecht University. You will meet him at the next in-person meeting, but in the meanwhile here is a short bio:

I started in academia by doing a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering at Golestan University in my hometown, Gorgan. During that period, I got interested in Process Design, so I chose to do a Master’s for further experience in this field at the University of Tehran. In my master thesis titled ‘’ Methane capture and nitrogen purification from a nitrogen-rich reservoir by pressure swing adsorption, during the project we managed to design an adsorption process to capture methane (10-20%) and utilize it as a feed (>20%) to lean gas turbine to produce electricity. On the other hand, the second product of the separation process is a high-pressure (>95%) nitrogen stream. This work started with experimental studies to extract adsorption parameters in the lab, followed by modelling, simulation, validation of a cyclic process in the lab scale and finally scaling up to the pilot scale (simulation) and process optimization.

After my master, I worked as a research assistant at Golestan Science and Technology Park in Gorgan dealing with startup teams for almost 3 years. Finally, I started at Utrecht University in Feb. 2023 as a PhD candidate. Talking about myself, during my free time, I like to do sports like running, football, training at the gym, mountain climbing, cycling and swimming. Moreover, I play the guitar, enjoy cooking, gathering with friends and travelling.