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What is the purpose of removing non-CO₂ greenhouse gases (GHG) such as methane? (Problem, impact potential etc)

Methanes are one of the worst, most common, non-CO₂ greenhouse gases and have a warming potential is around 28 times greater than CO₂.
Methane removal could help stabilise the temperature to avoid the worst scenarios. A reduction of methane emissions by 57% by 2030 could reduce temperature increase by 0.25–0.5° C, a non-negligible amount.
Methane control can avoid the overshooting of temperatures, and eventually avoid triggering tipping points.

Are the methane emissions covered by the host country’s Nationally Determined Contribution, (NDCS) as defined in the Paris Climate Agreement?

Most of the NDCs set targets on total GHG. Around 91% of mitted NDCs to the UNFCCC portal include methane reductions and, 89% include N₂O.