New PhD candidate joining REPAIR

Nardana Bazybek joined REPAIR as a PhD candidate in the Division of Energy Processes, Department of Chemical Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. In her PhD, she will develop and test materials that can catalytically convert CH4 and N2O at very low concentrations (<1%-vol). This will result in demonstrating proof-of-concept for catalytic technologies to remove greenhouse gases like CH4 and N2O from the atmosphere. In REPAIR, Nardana also leads Work package 1 – Experimental validation of CH4 (and possibly N2O) conversion and separation technology concepts.

Nardana has a background in chemical engineering and has worked on numerous research projects during her studies. During her bachelor’s degree program at Nazarbayev University, her first project involved the development of a molecular dynamic simulation tool to understand the nucleation of MEA and CO2 molecules in post-combustion capture columns. Her second project at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences during her master’s degree focused on the development of peptide-loaded microspheres and optimization via response surface methodology. She also worked on synthesizing hard carbon as anode material for sodium-ion batteries from bio-waste materials and conducting structural and chemical composition analyses. All these experiences led her to form assiduous laboratory practices and gain novel perspectives on designing experiments.

She is originally from Kazakhstan, and in her free time, she enjoys playing table tennis and badminton, reading, travelling, and taking photos and videos.