REPAIR kickoff meeting in France

Removing non-CO₂ greenhouse gases like methane (CH₄) and nitrous oxide (N₂O) will play an important role in limiting global warming. Developing technologies that can remove non-CO₂ greenhouse gases with the right stakeholder involvement is crucial in the near future.

We had a kick-off meeting for the project REPAIR in Lyon between 27–28 October. It was nice for all the project partners to gather and discuss the way forward.

In the project REPAIR, we we will develop the proof-of-concept for technologies to remove non-CO₂ greenhouse gases from atmosphere and evaluate the technical, economic, environmental, social and policy compatibility by including stakeholder feedback in the early stages of technology development. REPAIR is a European Commission-funded project within the Horizon Europe framework.

Project Partners:
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
Daniel Vare, Shareq Mohd Nazir, Nardana Bazybek, Devesh Sathya Sri Sairam Sirigina, Klas Engvall, Efthymios Kantarelis

SINTEF Energy Research 
Rahul Anantharaman, Simon Roussanaly, Gokul Subraveti

Utrecht University
Matteo Gazzani

Inphocat Innovative Photocatalytic Solutions
Joanna Macyk, Wojciech Macyk,  Marta Macyk

Juha Nousiainen, Virpi Kling

CMCC Foundation – Centro Euro Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
Lara Aleluia da Silva Reis, Pietro Andreoni, Sergio Noce

Eindhoven University of Technology
Luca Di Felice, Fausto Gallucci

Nordic DAC Group
Finn Eriksson, Peter Magnusson

Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias España
Juan Sagarna, Patricia Castejon